Every child's growth is inseparable from toys. In order to allow children to learn more skills while playing, parents often choose educational toys. When buying toys, parents will start by comparing them in many ways.

A while ago, my child got a LCD tablet, and many friends asked about the function of this LCD tablet. Today, I will share with you the most popular LCD tablet, so that everyone can learn more.
The design of the tablet is user-friendly and has a rounded corner design. This is very suitable for children in terms of safety. The color is simple and beautiful, it is a high-value educational toy. The outer casing is a matte process, which is light and thin, suitable for children to carry and easy to carry.

The operation of the liquid crystal tablet is simple and clear, and the flexible liquid crystal screen is used, and the writing is mainly performed by the brush pressing principle. The writing is smooth, it can be displayed by simply drawing, the thickness of the line is controllable, and the writing strength changes.

The biggest advantage of the tablet is that it can be recycled many times and is environmentally friendly. The flexible LCD screen does not affect the child's vision, safe and healthy. When the child is writing, he can also lock the screen with one button to prevent it from being eliminated during the writing process. It is more convenient to use one button to clear the screen.

There is also a loss-proof lanyard design so that you won't be worried about not finding a brush. The distribution of the small card is very good, the child can recognize the graphic through the card, and can draw the pattern according to the gourd.

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Every child's growth is inseparable from toys. In order to allow children to learn more skills wh...

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