20-inch handwriting board

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The 20-inch LCD mini-board adopts zero-power flexible LCD technology. Through the built-in reflective layer in the LCD panel, no additional power is needed to maintain its screen content. When pressure is applied to the writing panel area, yellow-green traces can be clearly displayed. The main body of pressure can be special stylus, hard object, or even our nails. The thickness of the font or the line can be solved by changing the intensity of the writing. The greater the intensity of the pressing, the thicker the trace, thus forming a rich writing effect. After writing, just press the button at the bottom of the panel and the screen will return to the new state. The principle of “Liquid Crystal Blackboard” is to use the characteristics of  bistable liquid crystals to record trajectories when there is pressure acting on the surface of the LCD screen. Under the drive of a certain voltage waveform, the bistable LCD screen can be restored to the initial state.

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