4.4 inch mini LCD tablet

178 Published by admin 5月 24,2018

The 4.4-inch mini LCD tablet uses an exclusive zero-power flexible LCD technology. The LCD panel has a built-in reflective layer that does not require additional power to maintain its picture content. The brighter the environment, the clearer the display. The thickness of the font or line can be solved by changing the strength of the writing. The greater the pressing force, the thicker the trace, thus forming a rich sketch effect. After writing, if you don't need it, just press the button above and the screen will resume. To a new state. Display principle: By utilizing the characteristics of the bistable liquid crystal, the trajectory can be recorded when pressure acts on the surface of the liquid crystal panel. Driven by a certain voltage waveform, the bistable LCD returns to its original state. A weak current is required only when the driver is refreshed, thereby achieving low power consumption of the product.

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