Electronic LCD drawing pad without radiation

157 Published by admin 5月 24,2018

Nowadays, when this electronic product is everywhere, everyone is more and more inseparable from the companionship of these electronic products, especially when the mobile phone eats and sleeps, and the walk is not willing to let go, resulting in a particularly serious eye damage. The more people are suffering from myopia and wearing glasses, in fact, everyone knows how important it is to have a good pair of eyes, but the temptation for electronic products is still unstoppable, especially when many children are young. I put on my glasses and I can imagine how hurtful the electronic products are.
Nowadays, we have an electronic product - electronic LCD drawing pad, which does not add backlight, the color of the handwriting is designed to be yellow-green, thus achieving the effect of not hurting the eyes, and without any radiation, but as a leisure time for practicing words, painting Painting, students use arithmetic, draft drafts, adults to be memo, sticky notes, is an interesting electronic product, no longer have to worry about hurting the eyes.
Electronic LCD drawing pad, one-button clear, dust-free and ink-free, green and environmental protection, instead of traditional writing, innovative writing.


8.5 inch thick handwriting tablet


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