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Children have the dream of becoming an artist in their childhood. At that moment, the creativity they bring is always surprising. While they were babbling and could not use their rich language to represent their ideas, they chose to paint with graffiti as their most direct and best expression.
Thus, every place in the home has become a place for children to paint. For example, white walls, floors, tables, and even clothes in the home are all places where they can play.
Although Mom and Dad will let the children draw on paper, but the baby is so obedient, and the paper is really not enough to use enough, squeaking and chatter ... ... will be able to draw dozens of pieces of paper in a while.
Many parents choose to buy a variety of electronic products for their children.
However, electronic products are not only detrimental to the child's vision, but also have a great impact on the child's nervous system development, so that the child's creativity fades.

so what should I do now?
Today, we have brought you an electronic product that is dust-free, ink-free, and free from radiation, so that children can create at any time.
It allows children to write and paint freely without hurting their eyes. It also saves children's excellent works with one click. Let the children enjoy both the traditional writing experience and the stack of manuscripts.
1: zero radiation, eye protection, environmental protection
We all know that in this age of overusing smart phones and iPads, children have been relying on electronic devices, watching animations and playing games since they were very young...

But these electronic products have more or less radiation, and then hurt our children's eyes. Therefore, the function of zero-radiation and eye-protection of the new-type product tablet will surely impress you.
The low power consumption flexible liquid crystal technology is adopted. The power consumption is low and the viewing angle is large. The polarizers are not needed, and only natural light can present perfect writing notes, which will not harm children's eyes.
2: This tablet lets you and the troublesome charging line Say Bye!
Only need a small button battery, you can write tens of thousands of times, after the battery can be replaced without electricity, the removal is also particularly convenient (*^__^*)
3: One-touch erase, repeatable writing up to 50,000 times
This tablet has all the functions you can think of about the tablet: notes, readily scribbled, one-click erase, message, and can be written more than 50,000 times.
Similar to the design of the HOME key, as long as you touch it gently, there is a new "paper".
Therefore, you can boldly release the doodle innocence ~
Handwriting is fine and smooth
The most important thing to buy a writing tablet is of course comfortable to write.

It is also possible to write a picture directly on the screen with your finger, but you can use the stylus to control the thickness. Use pressure pressure technology.
Such as the tactile sense of paper writing experience, high writing accuracy and sensitivity, can freely control the thickness of lines, super delicate feel, even beyond the ease of writing on paper.
8.5 inch slim design
Weighing only 117.3g, it is lighter than the iPhone.
With such a small handy tablet, it is also very convenient to take it out.
There is also a pen holder design, with the end of the pen stuck in the pen tray and the other end on the table, so that it can stand up, is not very clever.
Ok. . . This is the spiritual lever that supports thinking.
Not only can children use it, it can even be used by the whole family and can be applied to any occasion where paper is needed.
Family message board

Simple recipe bracket

Calculated manuscript

Concerts can also be used as temporary props

There are also three colors to choose from: pink, blue and black.
If you still do not know how to use it, clicking it may help you
Bringing a tablet to home, at least equivalent to buying 50,000 sheets, and the price is definitely cheaper than buying 50,000 sheets.
It is not only what you want, but also the joy of giving children an unlimited number of graffiti and making your family life fun. . .
Although many new products emerge in endlessly, many parents have also changed their designs to give their children the best. But choosing a good product is really important.

Want to write and write, want to draw 8.5 inch handwriting。

Want to write and write, want to draw 8.5 inch handwriting。

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