Are parents still worried about not knowing what kind of product to choose to use as a graffiti tool for children?
As a manufacturer of kids writing board, let me introduce you to a doodle artifact.
This graffiti artifact is called the kid writing board. He can let the children write and write whenever and wherever they want. They want to draw and draw without a pen and paper. They draw a new world. When the child is a child, every child likes to write and write. Painting, but parents are worried that the children will use every place in the family as a place for graffiti, making the house smoky, but it can not stop the children's fun, but on the other hand, they worry that the children will paint like this. The things are put in the mouth, so parents are really a headache.

black 15 inch lcd writing board

But this kids writing board is coming, parents can not worry about all these problems, it is a good helper for parents. Because he is dust-free and ink-free, there is no need to worry that the children will paint everywhere at home, and there is no need to worry that the children's paint will be put in the mouth to cause harm to the children. In contrast, parents will worry about it. Will such an electronic tablet bring radiation to the children and hurt the eyes? This is the same for parents, because there is such a kids writing board, he does not add any backlight, writes by pressure. There is absolutely no glare to squint the eyes. On the contrary, we set the written color to yellow-green, mainly because this color does not hurt the eyes, and it will not feel exhausted when viewed for a long time. As a children's graffiti artifact, it is a must, because the size can be freely chosen, it is quite convenient to carry. You can create anytime, anywhere without using a pen and paper. It is a new piece of paper. The children feel that they are novel, and they just love it, so the kids writing board is a graffiti artifact that the children like and parents can rest assured.

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